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Ethniks Systems are constantly innovating ways in which to enhance customer experience and increasing ROI for our clients.

Our relationship with Scala Digital Signage software enables us to remain at the forefront of digital marketing concepts that give us the edge over our competitors.

We employ Scala’s scalable and innovative software to give our clients the best solutions that they need.

For example, in a recent case study of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Mexico, Scala illustrates how it can help to boost food sales.

The solution had to be cost effective and immediately impactful on customers spending limited time in the stores.

Scala business partner TecnomanÌa devised a digital signage plan to promote specific hot food items.

Two large screens were strategically placed in the hot food area of the stores, including still images and videos depicting food being freshly prepared.

Depending on the time of day, the imagery will dynamically update to images such as sandwiches being layered with fresh vegetables or donuts being glazed and sprinkled alongside a hot cup of coffee.

One of the screens is dedicated to informing customers of special deals, promotions or meal combinations, with the second screen showing vendorsí images and promoting the high quality of the food offered.

7-Eleven saw an increase in hot food sales of 200% with screens influencing initial purchases as well as suggesting add-on purchases.
Food pairing ideas and meal combination deals as well as entertaining cartoons all play a part in creating an immersive, enjoyable experience. For instance, if a customer came in to buy a sandwich, the dynamic imagery and promotional deals can entice them to also buy a drink, side item or dessert. The saved cost of continually printing out-of-date signs coupled with the increased revenue, due to more relevant content, proved to 7-Eleven they had made the right decision going digital.

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Capitec Bank Enhances the Client Experience using Scala Digital Content Management

Ethniks have installed electronic queuing and Scala digital signage at Capitec Bank which have gone live at 560 branches across South Africa.

Capitec managers are always seeking effective solutions to improve the customer experience in each of the bank’s branches located throughout the country. In 2010 it began a project to tackle what its managers termed the Capitec Wave, a reference to the waiting system in which clients tended to move from chair to chair as they progressed towards the front of the queue when visiting a branch.

Customer wait-times and the in-branch experience are very important metrics for retail banks, explains Charl Nel, Head of Communications for Capitec. We saw that we could improve performance in both respects by providing real-time information allowing clients to assess their likely wait-time and even decide to return later without losing their place in the queue.

To achieve its goal Capitec sought a customised electronic queue-management system with digital signage, to be implemented at all branches throughout its national network. Electronic queue management allocates a number to each visitor upon entering the branch and calls the numbers in sequence as consultants become free. By displaying the numbers on-screen, and also issuing audible voice prompts, electronic queuing allows customers to visualise their position in the queue and anticipate the time at which they will be served.

As the project progressed, Capitec was able to further refine its requirements for the system, working with its chosen integration partner Ethniks. Formal specifications for collecting management data such as consultant productivity were added, and the remit for digital signage was expanded to allow the system to present a wider range of content such as notices and special offers when queue-status information is not required.

To satisfy the final specification set out by Capitec, system integrator Ethniks combined the selected queue management system, Q Matic, with the Scala digital content management platform. The Scala software was chosen for its benchmark content-management features and flexibility, and its suitability for a seamless and cost effective integration with Q Matic. In particular, Scala provides powerful controls for organising, distributing and updating content, and is able to support smooth transitions between modes displaying wait-time information and marketing presentations.

Clients receive a ticket when they enter the branch, and subsequently wait in the One to One area or the Deposit & Enquire area depending on the type of service required.
At the same time, audible announcements via the public address system call the numbers in sequence, prompting customers to go to the relevant service point.

In practical terms the content we can display is only limited by the size of the screens, explains Charl Nel.

The Scala digital content management system provides flexible functionality that helps us maximise the value of the system and keep our clients informed. Moreover, we can ensure that the information is always relevant, up to date, accurate, and fresh. Overall, this has been an extremely successful project.

Today, client experience is enhanced by 42-inch and 32-inch screens diplaying wait-time information and marketing presentations provided by Scala software’s powerful content management and distribution features.

Successfully integrating queue management with the Scala software has enabled us to create a solution meeting all of Capitec’s goals in relation to client satisfaction, marketing communications and business improvement, says Petrus Venter, CEO at Ethniks.

By combining queue management and Scala digital signage, the solution developed by Ethniks is proving successful in reducing waittimes, ensuring more clients achieve their objectives on each visit, and helping Capitec to communicate efficiently with clients in each branch. By also importing data from the queue system into its management information database, the bank is able to gain a clear understanding of the performance of individual consultants and branches.

Ethniks, A Major Player

Ethniks, A Major Player

Ethniks has been playing a major role in providing content and digital signage solutions to major banks in South Africa to help them reinvent their in-branch customer experience.