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Here at Ethniks we are truly dedicated to finding the best solutions for you, that is why we partnered up with the best in the industry, SCALA. As the sole distributers of this internationally acclaimed, best of breed software you can understand why we are the first stop for your digital solution needs.



Getting people to notice you, your brand and your message is our speciality. Wherever, whenever and whatever it is we have your solution and the expertise to get it done right.


Not only can Ethniks custom build your kiosk, we can provide you with the interactivity you need to run it, custom programmed to fit your needs.

employee training

If you need to train your staff or keep them up to date on skills and current technology we can help you set up a digital environment witch will make training both entertaining and educational.

point of sale

One of the biggest keys to the power of digital signage is the network’s ability to interface with virtually any data source, including your point-of-sale systems. The result is a POS signage solution that’s incredibly intelligent and adaptive to up-to-the minute needs.

Business communications

Internal communications are vital in any successful business, especially when it comes to: essential training; new or current product information and corporate news. We have the corporate solution ready and waiting just for you.

transport information

If your need is to keep passengers informed with up to date details on travel schedules; arrivals; departures and even the odd delay we have the system that will keep you running on time all the time.

queueing systems

Are you finding it difficult to direct the flow of foot traffic within your business? Let us provide a simple and dynamic solution to keep everything inline and running smoothly.

emergency messaging

With our digital environments in place it will be easy to keep employees and customers informed about correct emergency procedures and in the event of an actual situation use them to guide people to safety.


Whether it’s downtime at the office or a special occasion, have your channel play films, music videos, sports events or award shows. Entice customers and increase your stores foot traffic with snippets of all these and increase impulse buys.


Let us provide you with the best in wayfinder technology, to direct your customers or visitors to where they need to be, to make that sale, find that thing or seal that deal.

advertising networks

If you are happy with what you have but need to add extra umph! we will integrate our digital solutions with your current setup seamlessly.

mobile and social

With the wide spread use and power of social media we can integrate any social media platform into any solution you may require it in.

digital menu boards

Keep you products and specials up to date without the hastle or cost of reprinting menus and swaping out light box prints. Upsell existing items or introduce new ones.


Content creation

Video playback

Content scheduling

Metadata implementation

Live DATA RSS VIDEO AND TV streaming


Squeeze backs

Interactive content creation

Multiple content platform


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2014 Awards

Invidis Digital Signage Award – 1st Rank Categorie Software – Most active licenses in Germany/Austria/Switserland
Silver POPAI Award – Tesco Off License store by IPC Digital Media – category “Digital Media – Content creation for interactive screen”
AV Award – Argos in-store Digital Media by Pixel Inspiration – Digital Signage project of the year
DSA  Industry Excellency Award – jyskebank.tv  submitted with Jyske Bank – Best Financial Services Digital Signage
Bronze DSE Apex Award – DNB – Professional and Personal Services

2013 Awards

Gold DSE Apex Award – Westfield Shopping Center submitted with Esprit Digital – Public Spaces Category
Silver DSE Apex Award – Telenet Mobile’s SmartSpot submitted with DOBIT – Interactive Self-Service Category
Invidis Digital Signage Award – 1st Rank in Software
DailyDOOH Award – PwC Embankment Place Media Wall by Amigo using Christie MicroTiles – category “Best stadium/Office building/Corporate/Hotel, Hospitality or Leisure installation”
DailyDOOH Award – Tesco Off License store by IPC Digital Media – category “Best overall Retail Experience”
AV Award – Telenet Mobile submitted with DOBIT – Digital Signage Project of the Year finalist
DIGI Award – NPR Headquarters Digital Signage Solution, NPR headquarters Washington DC. submitted with Poulin +
Morris, Inc. – Best Deployment, Integration of Digital Signage with Mobile Technology
DIGI Award – Jyske Bank financial news network, in Denmark Best Content, Ambient.