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We have over 30 years of experience working with clients across multiple business sectors including financial institutions, retail shops, restaurants, government organizations and multinational chains. Our decades of experience has made us digital-signage specialists and our team has become expert at knowing how to effectively deliver our customer’s message to their audience.

Our experience has taught us how to increase our clients profit margins by engaging consumers and improving their employees productivity and wellness with effective communication and training. At Ethniks we have learned how to provided targeted solutions that not only increase consumer interaction, but also customer satisfaction by engaging consumers with valuable informative content at the time they are the most receptive.

video screen wall
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Specialized Software

Thanks to the highly-specialized Scala software program, we are able to offer solutions that are unparalleled in the industry. The content manager software is the core of the digital signage system as it provides the ability to manage content for a single display screen or a thousand.

The software is highly flexible, extremely dependable and stable, user friendly and scalable. It consists of the Content Manager, Designer, Designer Cloud and player that all work together seamlessly to produce a powerful viewer experience that is limited only by the imagination. This allows us to customize solutions to each of our client’s specific needs that can then be broadcast to single location or multiple audiences around the world.

The Scala software allows for live data processing that provides instantaneous updates as well as integrated social media and performance analytics. This ensures content is displayed at exactly the right time without interruption and allows for displaying emergency messages across any network.

Technical Expertise and Installation

Our skilled installation team can quickly set up the hardware and software to have your system up and running in short order. Our team will install media players, content acceleration devices, network managers and display screens to allow for easy deployment of digital messages no matter the need or situation.

Creative Department

Working with the Scala Systems software, our gifted creative department’s skill is unsurpassed at producing high-end content across all platforms. Our team is unmatched in its ability to create a customized solution designed to the client’s specific needs. We can set up automated protocols to ensure a smooth and seamless distribution of information to either specific audiences or worldwide populations. Our top-of-the-line animated content is designed to be eye catching and generate increased revenue.


Digital displays can be programmed to provide a wealth of information and create exposure for virtually all types of industries.

Retail Stores: From kiosks to wall-size video screens, electronic displays benefit retail businesses by influencing consumer buying and encouraging interaction with customers. This helps to strengthen brand awareness as well as providing information on sales and promotions.

Healthcare: Electronic displays provide status updates and important information on policies, procedures and important health initiatives and emergency information in healthcare settings. Visual displays in waiting areas also help to decrease perceived waiting times. Displays can be used for providing directions in larger hospitals as well as help visitors locate nearby facilities, such as hotels and restaurants.

Corporate Communications: Electronic signs can promote corporate identity on a local or national level to showcase your businesses mission, vision and values. Electronic displays provide for the quick and effective dissemination of information to guests and employees in corporate headquarters and branch offices.

Interactive Kiosks: Whether a small retail business or data-gathering operation, kiosks are meant to quickly engage consumers. Digital boards have the unique ability to instantly capture the consumers attention and then provide value to the consumer’s experience.

Wayfinding: Digital signage is invaluable in conference centers, shopping centers, hotels, universities and any other venue where people need directions.

Transport Information: Central transportation hubs, such as airports, train and bus stations, all benefit from using electronic displays to make travelers aware of arrival and departure information as well as boarding times and delays.

Financial Institutions: We provide the banking sector the ability to supply their customers with up-to-the-minute financial data, branded content and queuing integration. Messages can be customized with specific offers for individual branches for an improved customer experience that leads to higher customer recruitment and retention.

Employee Training: Instantaneous network-wide updates will keep corporate training materials relevant and consistent for fast and effective staff training.

Fast-Food Restaurants: Digitized menu boards permit instant updating of prices and promotional content. This reduces labour and printing costs and well as wait time. Information can be structured according to time, location or audience for customizing pricing and highlighting special offers suited to particular diners.

Automotive: From car dealerships to repair shops, the automotive industry is continually on the cutting-edge of technology. Electronic display screens are the ideal way to showcase innovative car designs and ever-evolving computerized auto-repair procedures.

Higher Learning: Digital screens have many uses for institutions of higher learning. Displays allow for quick communication with students, teaching staff and personnel, streamlining registration processes, promoting events, assistance with wayfinding and is not limited to remote learning.

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