Digital Signage For The Automotive industry

The fast-paced automobile sector continually experiences technological advancements and is one of the top data-driven industries in the world. By leveraging the power of electronic displays, auto dealerships can showcase groundbreaking new designs, increase sales and service revenue as well as reduce perceived wait times all while improving operating efficiency.

Major brand auto dealerships, such as Honda, Ford, GM and BMW, and high-end car dealerships, like Jaguar, Landrover and Mercedes Benz, all see a marked increase in traffic and revenue when on-premise electronic signs are incorporated into their marketing strategies. Electronic display screens of the type Ethniks provides boost visibility, appeal and increases brand awareness. By adding an element of class and technological sophistication, digital advertising screens render an air of luxury.

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Automotive digital signage on the sales floor enhances the customer experience by adding a new dimension that engages and entices potential buyers. Digital displays in the form of a video wall or interactive kiosk command the guest’s attention as soon as they enter the showroom. Sales-floor displays educate customers with colorful and provocative digital content that will help drive revenue by creating targeted opportunities for upselling. This content typically includes intriguing videos promoting new car models, preowned vehicle sales, service specials, additional vehicle options and exclusive finance plans showcasing attractive interest rates. All of this while providing visitors with targeted remarks when and where they are the most receptive.

Service Department

Service area wait lounges are designed to make guests comfortable while they are waiting for service. However, the prospect of unknown wait times often results in stress and anxiety for the customer and studies show there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and perceived wait times. Digital displays used in the service area will keep customers informed and engaged, resulting in a more relaxed experience.

Service area displays are used to provide customers a service management queue that shows real-time updates on the service status of their vehicles. This greatly improves service department staff efficiency by reducing the number of inquiries they have to answer about vehicle service progress. Displays can also be used to send out messages to the service lounge and show high definition video content and news. All of this lowers the customer’s perceived wait time, increasing customer satisfaction.

Promote Brand Awareness

All digital advertising screens are programmed to prominently display the company’s brand in the dashboard of the display. This keeps the customer constantly aware of the brand they are considering. Displaying corporate and site-specific marketing information on waiting-area displays further works to increase brand awareness. In fact, electronic signs have been shown to be so effective at promoting brand loyalty, dealerships see an increase in sales of over 25 percent and over a 30 percent increase in service revenue.

Preowned Listings

Digital signage displays can be linked to the dealership’s complete inventory of preowned vehicles and give the customers all the necessary specifications for each vehicle. This allows potential buyers to view the dealership’s entire preowned inventory from the comfort of the showroom.

Virtual Test Drives

Holographic displays offer the consumer the ability to take a sort of “virtual test drive” to explore a vehicle’s features and benefits while showing a video that simulates actual driving experience.

Staff Motivation

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An electronic sign in the staff lounge is a motivating factor for employees, acting like an electronic sales coach. Displays can remind staff of important sales talking points and keep employees updated on dealership news, current sales and promotions.

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As the auto industry is always on the forefront of technology, we at Ethniks know automobile dealerships must have the latest in digital signage solutions to keep pace with their competition. We have built our entire reputation on meeting the needs of our clients. We provide complete training and have a nationwide 24/7 support team in place to handle any issues that may arise to prevent any possible downtime. Contact us for a no-cost or obligation consultation to learn how we can help keep your dealership ahead of the competition.