Banking & Financial

Educating customers becomes increasingly important as the financial-services sector continues to become increasingly more complex. All types of financial institutions use electronic signs to provide banking information and promote services in meeting these new demands. Banking and financial-institution CEOs, board members and decision makers all employ electronic signs of the kind Ethniks provides. Our displays are perfect for queuing integration and keeping banking customers up to date on the most current financial data while entertaining them with eye-catching branded content. Electronic displays are also highly effective when used as a training tool and advertising medium.

Branded Content

From the moment they walk into the building, digital signage will capture the customers’ attention and keep them entertained and informed with branded content. Electric displays are a great way to tell a story about the institution that will speak to customers on an emotional level. This generates a genuine emotional connection for the customer with the brand that they will remember long after they leave the building.

Improved Queuing

Many of today’s banking needs are performed online, however, many customer still find it necessary to routinely visit the main office or a branch location. Long queues are always an annoyance for customers and increase the stress on staff. Research shows that most financial institutions are not using the most up-to-date and efficient queuing systems and studies have found the average time a bank customer spends waiting in line is between 20 and 40 minutes. These wait times are prohibitive for many customers trying to get their banking done on their lunch hours or between errands. Research also shows that institutions that update their queuing systems see an increased customer satisfaction level and they also report an overall improved banking experience.

training staff

Advertising Products and Services

Banking screens are used to display up-to-the minute financial data and promote products and services in an impactful and meaningful manner. Displays can illustrate the benefits of investing, purchasing a retirement home or pay a child’s college tuition. Competitive interest rates for mortgage or auto loans as well as mobile-banking tools are highlighted far more effectively on an electronic sign then with printed media. Here messages can be changed as needed or desired, without the printing costs associated with a traditional advertising campaign. Digital display screens can be partitioned to show different types of information simultaneously on the same screen. This information can include, but is not limited to, RSS feeds and crawls along with financial indicators and advertisements for products.

Staff Training

Financial institutions use digital display screens to simplify and standardized staff training through essentially creating their own TV channel. This can be programmed to broadcast special programs and training seminars that are displayed to staff before opening and after closing hours or in employee lounges. These can be used as a one-way broadcasting medium or in a two-way communication format to directly interact with employees.

Showcase Projects

touchscreen kiosk

From smart and efficient advertising to creating a landmark status for a financial based-business, banking screens provide incredible benefits for any financial institution. Digital signage serves to promote the institution’s new projects, such as the opening of a new branch location or a housing development the bank is financing.


Kiosks can display digital messages anywhere in the facility where a financial decision is likely to be made. Such areas includes the foyer and ATM, waiting areas, the forms counter and teller stations including the drive-up windows. Audio channels can be layered over the top of any type of content to improve ambiance and prevent startling noises that tend to make customers uneasy.

touchscreen kiosk

Digital signage is playing an increasingly important role in the financial sector. Simple, but engaging, content promotes a more rewarding banking experience for the consumer that results in an increased customer base. The Ethniks team is experienced in creating custom solutions for the financial sector that will immediately capture the consumer’s attention and increase conversion rates. Our nationwide 24/7 support network is always available to deal with issues and eliminate downtime. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and demonstration to see how we can improve your institution’s customer satisfaction rating and increase your bottom line.