Banking on Digital Signage

Banking on digital signage

Since 2020 the world has experienced watershed moments that have impacted trade and industry on a global scale. This historical turning point has resulted in companies re-evaluating market spend subsequently inspiring modern marketing methods.

Digital innovation has played a pivotal role influencing new marketing practices, specifically in the banking and finance sector. Digital fintech solutions have replaced traditional banking systems, enhancing communication between the bank, its employees and customers.

How we communicate is primary in building trust. Digital signage speaks one, universal language, effectively communicating to any audience through visuals and vivid imagery. It has been said that visuals get 94% more views than text-based information of which digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. Therefore implementing digital signage as a communication platform is a reliable and effective marketing tool that strengthens customer loyalty and trust.

Simplify the complex world of banking and broadcast information effortlessly. You have full control of your brand’s messaging with Digital Signage Solutions through a centralized CMS (Content Management System) that can be updated straightway. Custom-fit the way your bank communicates and enhance the customer journey by implementing effective digital signage.

  • Showcase and market banking products/services.
  • Introduce “How To’s” and educate your customer on how to budget/manage money or open an account.
  • Inform of the various ways to bank: In-branch, app or online banking.
  • Display events, policy and procedure changes, general notices, foreign exchange rates, news and weather.
  • Share productivity statistics with real-time dashboard analytics.
  • Communicate corporate messaging and engage with your staff, improving internal communications between your bank and your employees; in-branch, internally or nationally.
  • Digital signage seamlessly integrates with intelligent QMS (Queue Management Systems) that allow you to manage queues and direct your customer to the correct teller. By issuing a ticketed number, your customer knows exactly when their turn in turn reducing perceived wait times.

The benefits are endless and the impressive solutions are a clear indication of its capabilities and performance, ensuring a positive ROI (Return on Investment) for your bank.

Our fast-paced lives getting faster and industries need to keep up and adapt to survive, after all time wasted is money lost. Transform the way you communicate with your clientele and unlock your institution’s operational potential.

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