Corporate Communications

corporate communication

Ethniks electronic signage can enhance corporate communication in head offices by displaying entertaining and educational video, slideshows and important messages in a high-definition format. Examples of potential uses include internal communications, event management, company directories, crucial news updates and emergency alerts. All of these functions can be controlled from a central system at corporate headquarters to send out announcements and create automatic updates. Custom templates are designed to deliver different types of media to specifically target departments and rapidly create a coordinated corporate communications structure.

corporate communication

Lobby and Reception

As it is where visitors generate their first impression of a company, the lobby or reception area is one of the most critically important places in most corporate offices.
Digital screens placed in the lobby or waiting area of corporate headquarters create a powerful and memorable welcome experience for all visitors. This is where a digital display will have the greatest impact as visitors and potential clients will see it immediately upon entering the office. A video wall or large screen display in the corporate reception area will showcase company values, offer important messages and capture the attention, imagination and interest of potential clients.

Employee Training

An electronic signage solution is a powerful training tool when placed in communal areas. Here displays can be used to disseminate the same message to certain areas of the corporate headquarters, different messages to different branch offices or various messages across the entire corporate network. Surveys show that employees appreciate receiving updated training materials in a timely and efficient manner to help them improve both their skills and productivity and increase their value to the company. Employees also feel more valued as team members when corporate heads keep them in the loop on updated policies and procedures.

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Communication is critical for companies to operate effectively, however, there are huge costs associated with equipping staff with technologies like mobile phones or two-way radios. These also have the potential for being damaged in an industrial setting, adding to the cost. Even sending out emails can be time consuming. Factory floor electronic signs eliminate much of the need for these forms of tools by streamlining communication between corporate offices, management and staff.

Digital screens are invaluable for broadcasting production data and safety information on factory floors using slideshows or videos. Occupational health and safety, or OHS, prevention can be drastically improved by displaying important safety rules, information, statistics and warnings about potential risks and dangers as well as issuing reminders for staying vigilant. Workers can flag dangerous situations, such as a spill or loading dock issues, to immediately let everyone know of the potential danger. Information is readily modifiable and can be adapted to set specific messages to a specific shift or time of day, ensuring the message gets to the right workers at the proper times. Other ways electronic signs can be used in factories include updating production line or order shipping status.

Company Wide Notifications

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“Triggers” can be configured to send the same message out to every screen throughout the entire network to alert employees and visitors of special events or conditions. This is incredibly valuable for entities such as utility and power companies where time may be of the essence in disseminating company wide notices. This feature is also useful in training staff in protocols, teambuilding events and broadcasting important information such as messages from the C-level staff. The notification function can be set up to display different channels in different divisions. For example, a bank with a home-loans department could have their own channel to display announcements specifically relevant to mortgage lending. Functions like company holiday parties, employee birthdays and dinner events, with pictures, can be posted to keep employee’s informed of these events and boost morale.

important messaging

Digital displays are equally effective for both small and large corporations and over half of all communication managers who have incorporated digital displays into their company’s communication strategy have experienced over a 20-percent increase in productivity. Our skilled team at Ethniks can custom design a digital signage solution specifically tailored to your corporation’s needs. We have a 24/7 nationwide support system set up to immediately deal with any issues and is designed solely to eliminate downtime. When considering electronic displays for your corporate headquarters, call us for a no-obligation consultation to see exactly what we can do to improve your business’s communication.

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