Digital Menu Boards

Fast Food Digital Menus

Electronic displays for the food industry are a smart choice for any quick-serve facility, bar, restaurant or cafeteria. Digital screens serve multiple functions in the restaurant industry, with menu boards in national and international fast-food establishments being a primary use. Easy-to-read digital menu boards of the type Ethniks provides offer several benefits over standard signs. Benefits include instantaneous changing of menu items, the ability to target promotions to specific population segments and reduction of printing costs. Electronic menus improve dining ambiance and influence customers at the moment of purchase. Digital boards can be placed in various locations in a shop and set to display different messages or play synchronized content to provide maximum exposure.

Fast Food Digital Menus
digital menu boards

Menu Options

Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus can be set up to automatically changeover seamlessly at a preset time each day. Menus can be set to display and hide specific information at certain times of the day or days of the week, such as having different breakfast items or expanded hours on Sunday mornings. Digital menus allow for instant pricing and item updates. Metadata can be used to target the right segment of the audience to display the most effective promotions in the proper locations at the exact time it will produce the greatest impact.


Animated promotional displays capture the customer’s attention and highlight specific products and upsell items to increase revenue. A promotional message can be incorporated into a single menu display or set up as a secondary panel that can also provide infotainment in the form of live feeds for news, weather, traffic and financial information.

Cost Reduction

Digital menu boards all but eliminate menu printing costs by immediately updating items, prices and promotional content. Being able to instantly update menus allows for increased flexibility and eliminates printing wait times.

Mcdonalds digital menu boards


The effect dynamic digital menu boards have over traditional static menus is like comparing black and white movies to high-resolution digital 4K video. Incorporating changing images on part of the screen compels the viewer to take notice. Animated images, such as steam rising from a cup of coffee or a hamburger sizzling on the grill, bring digital menus to life and capture the customer’s attention to increase conversion rates.

Multiple Store Locations

Digital menus are highly effective for franchises and corporate owned restaurants with multiple locations. Here menu content can be set up and controlled from a single office and broadcast to each location as desired. Menus can be structured to change at various times, in certain stores, for particular audience, to customize prices and highlight special offers suited to a defined group of diners. For example, one special can be run at one location while a different promotion is held at another store. This is an excellent feature for areas with diverse neighborhood demographics.

Ethniks can custom design a menu management system tailored to any business need. We can create content from scratch tailored to a specific business brand, use one of our predesigned templates or work to bring the client’s own print material to life with eye catching, high-definition animated content. Our team will have a system set up and running in no time and our nationwide support network is available 24/7 to handle any issue that may arise to eliminate possible downtime. If you are ready to update the menu boards in your restaurant with eye-catching, bright and attractive menus that are proven to increase sales, call us today for your no-cost consultation.

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