The Importance of Digital Signage in South Africa During A Global Pandemic


South Africa is a bustling, diverse nation of almost 60 million people.

The Coronavirus pandemic has propelled the world into an alarming, dire and uncertain climate.

Industries, enterprises, and organizations across the country have had to act fast.

Hospitals, corporates, factories, and retail stores needed to inform, educate and communicate the newly enforced government health regulations and safety protocols to both their employees and respective clients.

The biggest challenge is, how to you communicate vital safety messaging to a large audience and how do you engage and reach each individual, when large crowds are passing through one space?

It’s impossible to approach every individual by handing out pamphlets, safety guides and brochures etc., of life-saving information. It also requires the recipient to touch an object that someone has already handled.

Digital Signage South Africa

A powerful, innovative solution to this problem is Digital Displays.

Digital advertising screens display information to a large audience, at one given time. They do not require multiple people touching the same object, and several messages can be conveyed on one screen.

First, an introductory message can grab people’s attention, then additional messages can be displayed soon after in succession. Or the whole message can be communicated in the form of a video that tells viewers a story providing them with the information they need.

A lot of information can be quickly conveyed in an eye-catching and engaging way.

Ethniks Systems

Ethniks Systems (Pty) Ltd. is a well-established South African digital signage company that specializes in these state-of-the-art digital displays.

With over 30 years of experience within the automotive, retail, banking, and restaurant industries, they have had many opportunities to witness how the digital advertising world has evolved.

The hi-tech display screens can be used to increase employee wellness, train employees, engage customers, and communicate important information. Their digital signage relies on advanced software solutions which incorporate instant updates, performance analytics, live data processing, and social media integration to ensure that users can communicate effectively through their digital signs.

Ethniks can easily provide a product and solution specifically tailored to a business’s needs. Features and options include easy-to-set-up digital screens, kiosks, wayfinding capabilities, digital menu templates, and software systems that share content across multiple platforms around the world.

Even though there are many uses for digital signage and requirements for its configuration, solutions exist in the flexible Digital Display products available today.

Digital Signage South Africa In the Coronavirus Pandemic

The situation the pandemic created, is the need to display information to large groups of people has become more urgent than ever. People need information about such things as what facilities are available, how to safely queue, when and where they need to wear masks and other protective equipment, and what the entrance capacities are for specific buildings and rooms.

The best way to accomplish this is through digital signage.

Messages can be displayed in rapid succession to large groups of people through a well-placed, highly visible digital sign. This makes it easy for hospitals to communicate with patients, factories to engage with employees, and retail stores to assist customers. In these uncertain and critical times, guiding large groups of people through the spaces where they congregate is made simpler and easier with Digital Displays.

The need to communicate with all South Africans in a universal language is vital. Whether they can read a traditional sign or not, digital signs make it easy to show a succession of animated images that provides the necessary information.

Static, unattractive, and unengaging signs are ignored over time. Instead, bright, dynamic displays make people want to take the time to understand the information being presented.

This is an easy way to use cutting-edge technology to enhance the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of a business during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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