Digital Signage For Hotels

hotel lobby screen

Throughout the decades hotel signage has played a role in the efficient marketing and ergonomics of hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, and resorts. From humble hand carved wooden signs right up to the latest digital systems, signage for hotels has always been a critical part of hospitality infrastructure.

Technology is always evolving and the digital signage from thirty years ago was very different from the futuristic flashy offerings that we have today. First there were the dusty old VHS monitors and endless cables, and then DVDs came…and went on their way again. Enter the age of digital – with new software, digital content production platforms and bigger, brighter screens being released regularly, there are more digital signage options available to the modern hotel owner than ever before.

Providing a phenomenal guest experience is always of paramount importance in the hospitality sector. When a visitor walks into a hotel or resort they need to feel at home and enter into an environment that is inviting, uncomplicated, comfortable and safe. Hospitality businesses know this and go to great lengths to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, which is why signage for hotels needs to be clear, accessible and entertaining too.

When guests are presented with information that is difficult to find, read, or care about or have to read through drab, outdated material that is not positioned to help or entertain guests, they lose trust in your establishment and it detracts from their overall guest experience. There’s nothing more frustrating for guests when they feel neglected and left in the dark.

These problems are easily resolved with the installation of a great digital signage system. Digital signage for hotels can improve a guest’s visit, while making a location look more modern and at the same time delivering useful information in a clear and interesting way. New displays, new content management systems, and new user experiences are being developed all the time to keep hotel clientele happy and hotels operations functioning perfectly. These sophisticated solutions can be used for checking in and out, making reservations, displaying information across the hotel and advertising.

Communication is always key when creating an outstanding guest experience and modern signage for hotels can also be utilised as wayfinding signage for guests looking for the hotel gym, or to convey information, whether that be traffic updates, menus for the hotel’s restaurant or bar, or advertisements for nearby attractions and activities, in a manner that’s eye-catching and interactive for the guests.

Today’s society is one where people are used to looking for data from screens, whether it’s from their smartphone, the flight info board at the airport, or digital screens in hotels, resorts, and other public places. This makes digital signage a great way to grab a guests attention and because of this drawing power it stands to reason that they are an effective tool for displaying important public health and safety reminders and protocols. 

Digital signage plays a crucial aspect of health and safety protocols in hotels and helps to keep hotel guests and staff safe at all times, as well as hotel owners free from liability when accidents do happen. Digital signage allows guests to access emergency maps and procedures at any time, so that in case of emergency they will know where to go and what they need to do and in the age of COVID this type of signage can provide assistance for hospitality venues. Digital wayfinding technology can help to reduce the risks associated with face to face interactions and can be used to improve and manage the flow of traffic, screening and social distancing protocols, keeping hotel operations running smoothly and safely.

As any hotel owner will tell you, you need to stand out from the competition and if you want to set your hotel apart and raise your overall guest experience to the next level, then digital signage is exactly what you need. Ethniks understand hospitality which is why we pride ourselves on providing digital signage solutions for hotels, resorts, conference venues, airports, shopping malls and anywhere people need to get together. Talk to us to see how we can help you to get started with digital signage for your hospitality business.

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