Digital Signage in South Africa

video screen wall

The ability to connect with consumers, potential clients, and even corporate teams is extremely important. Studies have shown that it is essential to make visual connections to drive productivity. Today’s use of digital signage in South Africa assists diverse business owners in building their brands. At the same time, these innovative signage options are tools that can be utilized for marketing, communicating information, and an array of other initiatives.

Ethniks has specialized in digital signage in South Africa and Africa for over 30 years. During this time, they have designed video walls for clients, such as banks, retailers, universities and government organizations. These innovative digital advertising screens serve to improve customer service, enhance advertising, and efficiently provide queuing and wayfinding information.

Digital Advertising Screens are included in the products that increase brand awareness by 47.7% says InfoTrends. These are effective partly because they don’t require person-to-person interaction, which takes customer experience to a different level.

Capture Attention

The necessity of digital signs is encouraged by Small Business Trends no matter what size operations you have. These are beneficial for large corporations and those that are still growing. They are designed to capture the attention of customers as they walk by. Retailers achieve their revenue goals by using the ability to influence decision making, with these next-generation signage options.

Digital screens, touch screens, and kiosk can be created to help with building brands. These products are devised with interactivity in mind. Shopping in physical locations is advanced when business owners deploy digital signage resources.

Showcase Promotions

Fast food restaurants use these digital signage on a daily basis. These serve several purposes simultaneously. The first objective in most cases is to establish branding wherever signs are displayed. The second objective is to showcase promotions and menu options for customers to see.

Promotional content that changes instantly through expert design works on behalf of businesses and corporations. Through the use of metadata, specific content can be created for these products based on time, location, and potential audiences. This allows clients to get the best usage from these digital resources, especially when promotions are being sold.

Expand Sales

The size of your sales team should not prevent you from connecting with potential customers who visit. Digital signs assist automotive business owners in expanding their sales strategies. These signs are informative and dynamic. They harmonize with the advanced technology of new car designs and offer creative ways to promote them.

Digital presentations of these designs are impactful and market to customers in a unique way. Appealing to them on a visual and engaging level aids in the overall sales process. The goal here is to create signs that spark interest and encourage customers to want to know more.


Digital Advertising Screens can be designed for meeting specific business needs and organizational objectives. Some clients will be interested in increasing their retail revenue, while others want to discover a better way to relay information digitally.

These effective screens are also solutions that are powered by unique software. They are equipped with performance analytics, as well as, social media integration, which opens many doors for their overall usage and optimization. This is a new way to reach visitors, clients, and even your staff with tailored information and content.

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