Digital Signage in the Automotive Industry

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Driving customer loyalty is key to the success of any business. How you unlock that potential sets you streets ahead of your competitors. Digital signage solutions and modern tech trends (such as AI and data analytics) are outperforming traditional marketing methods, fast becoming the power behind customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Exceeding customer expectations is therefore fundamental in gaining that competitive edge, but with ever-increasing global competition, how do you succeed in becoming the household name?

The automotive industry is faced with such challenges and for the consumer, purchasing a vehicle can be an overwhelming experience. Big investments call for big decisions. Digital signage reinforces brand confidence, providing peace of mind to both consumer and seller. By leveraging digital signage, you automatically appoint the “Silent Salesman”, taking the art of selling to a new dimension. Whether a thrill-seeker or conservative buyer, digital signage solutions elegantly maps out your customer’s journey and transforms an ordinary buying experience into an exhilarating adventure.

Ethniks Systems offers a multi-product range of advanced digital signage solutions, bringing versatility and sophistication to your dealership. Create that bespoke showroom floor with a spectacular digital visual experience and transport your customers to a world of wonderment.

  • Market your vehicle model range through striking HD video walls (also known as display walls) and stimulate the senses, increasing customer engagement and attention.
  • Showcase vehicle beauty shots, display vehicle specs, and vehicle model features on multiple digital display screens.
  • Introduce a Personalization Lounge: A personal suite for clients to custom-design their concept vehicle choosing from an interactive digital display, featuring a carousel of optional extras, vehicle accessories, paint chip samples and vehicle parts.
  • Advertise more effectively, drive sales, and accelerate buying cycles with real-time digital marketing campaigns, current promotions, extended warranty/service packages, offers on in-store branded merchandise all through multi-touch interactive digital displays.
  • Simultaneously run geo-targeted campaigns in different regions, for diverse socio-demographics groups.
  • Entertain and mesmerize your audience with immersive 3D holographic fan, wall-mounted displays.
  • Measure visitor experience with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) tags. RFID tags are smart information storage devices that wirelessly communicate via electromagnetic fields, gathering relevant information. RFID’s can be carried by hand, worn on your wrist, mounted onto objects, and built into the architecture of a display cabinet, showroom, or building. Evaluate consumer’s interaction and boost customer-centric strategies with the simplicity of RFID tags.
  • Present in-house dashboards reflecting real-time data analytics using leader-boards recognizing sales leaders.
  • Reveal “Employee of the Month”.

Implementing digital signage has an enormous advantage in today’s Digital Age, although brand reputation will always be dependent on customer experience. Maintaining a positive brand perception increases customer loyalty and builds confidence in the market. Reach new target audiences, grow your brand, and cultivate long-lasting customer relationships with the added benefit of Digital Signage Solutions.

Reimagine the future of vehicle sales.

Redefine brand positioning.

Reinvent your showroom with high-end digital signage.

Let us take your brand from middle-of-the-road to the revolutionary.

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