Digital Signage in The Mining Sector

Digital signage for mines is essential for an industry where communication is the lifeblood of safety and productivity. Advancements in technology have created the opportunity to improve current mining methodology. Digital signage for mines allows for the display of current safety information, production days and downtime, along with communication to instruct workers of hazards. Digital signage is also used to display data and metrics, in real-time, allowing management to keep an eye on productivity and output, making it a key factor in improving standards and practices in the modern mining sector.

In an industry where safety is paramount, the use of modern technology to assist in the communication with, and performance of, mine sites is rapidly becoming standard practice. There are several reasons why we at Ethniks believe that digital signage for mines will be a revolutionary development for the sector. Let’s explore some of these further.

Digital Signage for Mines: Safety

Digital signage for mines is built to address the dangers specific to the mining industry. As a specialised field, mines require a special type of visual safety. Keeping workers safe and protected from elevator shaft hazards, mine shaft entrances, blasting areas, hazardous radiation and more takes priority. Signage needs to communicate its message easily and effectively to everyone on the job site. Without a clear understanding of the hazards present in the mining environment, workers don’t have the knowledge necessary to operate safely. By utilising digital signage for mines, this type of critical hazard information can be updated and communicated when and where it happens, allowing employees to avoid potential danger and operate heavy machinery safely and without incident.

Digital Signage for Mines: Communication

Mining operations often take place in extreme environments and in remote locations. Moving workers to mining sites (whether by flying them in, moving them underground, or from shaft to surface) requires clear and concise communication. Smart planning and coordination of activities are required to lessen any fluctuations caused by external forces and to ensure that the workforce is where they need to be, when they need to be. Making use of digital signage for mines assists with disciplined communication practices. This keeps workers and management alike informed of routine movements and any unexpected delays that might arise. This allows for seamless workflow and significantly reduces downtime due to miscommunication.

Digital Signage for Mines: Training

The mining industry is one of the most hazardous work environments and because of this there are protocols that need to be strictly adhered to when it comes to operations. There are also training protocols that are required for mining specific equipment and processes. These can include working in confined spaces, working with chemical substances or working with specialised equipment. Training for each needs to be addressed to various crews on any given work site. Digital signage for mines allows for more engagement and interactivity and can be led remotely to various teams around the world, which allows this type of fundamental training to be carried out with ease. This ensures all workers are up to speed, and practicing the highest level of awareness and operational experitise.

Digital Signage for Mines: Real Time Information

The practicality of how messages are communicated to the wider mine site population and Head Office is at the forefront of mining operations. For management this means that messaging platforms are more important now than ever. Digital signage for mines allows for the use of real-time data to quickly adapt to any given situation. By knowing the state and location of every piece of equipment and whether it is operating according to plan, management can make use of real time analytics to make the scheduling and processing decisions that will maximize output for the company. In addition to this, digital signage for mines will intergrate seamlessly with existing management systems to provide live visual feedback on dashboard displays. This real-time insight gives new meaning to operations performance management, taking the conversation from a monthly output to one that focuses on variability and compliance.

Digital Signage for Mines: Productivity

With the real time analytics in place and digital signage used for storing and communicating data, there are real world benefits that can be extended across the entire supply chain. The more data that is accessible, the more effective operations become. Mining industry workers, no matter how spread out they are over various locations, can all access the necessary information. By using digital signage tasks can be checked off easily and efficiently. Digital signage technology eliminates unnecessary lapses in communication. Mines can keep all workers focused on outstanding deliverables and in turn this improves overall productivity.

The benefits of digital signage for mines speak for themselves. Improved safety, better development and training, and accessibility of remote analytics and real time communications all add up to improved output and – at the end of the day – profit for the mining sector. Mines only stand to again by installing digital signage across their mine sites and offices.

At Ethniks we pride ourselves on offering digital signage solutions that are suited to any environment and we will ensure that your workers and management staff alike will have a safe and productive experience upon visiting your mining facilities. Contact us on +27 11 709 0600 or email and start your digital mine transformation today.

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