Digital Signage For Higher Learning

digital advertising screens

Electronic displays have an almost unlimited number of uses in institutions of higher learning. Colleges, trade schools and universities all use electronic displays as wayfinding maps, to promote special events and bookstore sales, display social-media feeds, school athletic events and league standings, to promote food services and much more. All of these functions are efficiently executed from a single all-inclusive application.

Digital displays of the type Ethniks provides give a modern look and feel to campuses that will impress visitors while streamlining the dissemination of information to students, faculty and staff. Electronic displays promote student engagement, increase safety and save labor and printing costs associated with having to replace traditional static signage. Electronic signage used in institutions of higher learning allows for campus wide sharing of content management with an unlimited number of user, video players and displays.

digital advertising screens


New students and visitors find interactive wayfinding kiosks a highly effective and easy way of navigating around a strange campus. Interactive directories can be set up by building, floor, department, office and name.


Digital signage effectively helps streamline the student enrollment and class registration process. Information regarding the enrollment, matriculation and graduation requirements are all at the user’s fingertips.

Medical Information

Displays can provide relevant health information for different departments and services, such as listing campus clinic hours and location. The Scala software allows for creating notification templates that are populated on the screen simply by sending an email.

Class Information

Listing general studies requirements along with major and minor requisites make it easy for students to make choices about their education. Posting class descriptions and prerequisites, schedules, instructor information, class syllabus and exam schedules all make the class sign-up process simple and painless.


The Scala software also allows for takeovers alert to inform students and staff of latest campus news and emergencies. Alerts can also be set for activities and organizations they can join, such as athletic team tryouts or fraternity and sorority events.


Digital signage helps build a feeling of unity throughout the institution by broadcasting information and updates on important events, such as social functions, athletic playoff games, special guest lectures and fundraising events.

Food Services

Cafeterias and other food services use digital displays to post complete menus and daily specials. Campus food-service vendors can use displays as an additional source of revenue by leasing out advertising space on their boards.

Administrative Functions

Custom integrated booking systems are able to efficiently organize classroom and meeting room scheduling. Setting customized booking and appointment requirements allows for faster scheduling while optimizing organizational resources and reducing the burden on staff.

The team at Ethniks has years of experience successfully designing electronic signage solutions for institutions of higher learning. Our team can custom design a display for any use or function and we have a 24/7 nationwide support network in place to immediately handle any issue that may arise to prevent possible downtime. Call us today for a no-cost consultation to see how we can help modernize your campus.