Digital Signage For The
Hospitality Industry

Lodges, hotels and resorts across Africa and around the world use electronic signs to both improve guest experience and increase profits. Electronic signs show that a business is putting the ever-changing needs of their guests first by always providing them with the most current information.

Digital displays of the type Ethniks provides gives hospitality-industry businesses a more modern and dynamic appearance while offering the needed flexibility to manage and update content in real time. Displays can be used for everything from bookings to providing travel information on flights, shuttle-bus services or game drives. Content can be privately labeled or infotainment can be displayed to keep visitors entertained to reduce received wait times. All this provides the guest with a more pleasant travel experience that will increase customer satisfaction and in turn promote brand loyalty and drive revenue.

Virtual Concierge

Kiosks programmed with interactive touchscreen features act like an additional employee by providing guests with needed information on the facility and surrounding area. This type of signage for hotels can be set up as a digital concierge for wayfinding and to allow guests to book on-site services, such as a spa treatment, reserve a table in the restaurant or seats to a lounge act.

Guest can also access interactive touch-screen building directories as well as local news, weather and traffic reports or find off-site services, such as shops, restaurants and entertainment options. All content, from the user interface to the display, can be custom designed to fit any need and content can be remotely uploaded, updated and redesigned as required.

Activities and Events

On premise activities, such a swimming pool, spa, restaurant and pub hours, can be listed and updated at will. Displaying information on nearby events, such as a golf tournament, playoff games, beach and fishing reports as well as guided walks, will give guests all the information they need to plan their daily activities or week-long schedule. Reader boards in the lobby will present event and meeting information along with the room location to guests upon entering the building.


Digital signs allow for conveniently managing conference-room reservations, checking room availability and executing bookings right from the display. Bookings can be done by using an existing schedule or a predesigned template using the proprietary Scala software. This software allows for working with customized templates that can easily be created and modified as required to fit the specific application.

Travel Information

Large and small resort chains use digital signage to provide guests with travel information on flights, bus, taxi and shuttle services. Information can be accessed interactively or by simply listing departure and arrival times along with route information.

Notification Alerts

Digital signage is the ideal medium for broadcasting alerts, time-sensitive information and emergency notifications. The Scala software permits screen takeover when needed to inform guests of breaking news and conditions. In situations where time is of the essence, alerts can notify guests of dangerous weather conditions, traffic advisories, updates on active local emergency incidents.


Signage for hotels offers unlimited uses for onsite retail establishments. Food-and-beverage applications can include restaurant and pub hours of operation, happy hours and menus. Showcasing daily specials will help upsell meals and cocktails. Displaying lounge acts, shows, spa services and shop sales will increase attendance and revenue. A split screen in a restaurant or pub can display live sports on one side of the screen and important news on the other.

We at Ethniks have been designing digital displays for the hospitality sector for years and have a reputation for being able to come up with creative ways of meeting our clients needs. We provide complete software training and will integrate your booking system to ensure a seamless transition to digital messaging. Our team will work with you to custom design a display and we have a 24/7 nationwide support team available to handle any issue that may to prevent any possible downtime. Call us for a no-obligation consultation to see how easily we can help your hospitality business increase its revenue.