In-Store Analytics


Level the Playing Field With E-commerce!

Today, e-commerce sites have gathered an unmatched level of knowledge of their customers’ buying patterns, and use that data to optimise the guest experience. The Walkbase Retail Platform brings the same dynamic responsiveness of e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores today.

Analytics - Understand How Customers Behave in Your Physical Space

Walkbase Analytics empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions, and adapt for best in-store sales performance and loyalty. By utilising precise store-by-store metrics retailers are able to understand patterns and adjust accordingly.

We are devoted to developing and delivering a state-of-the-art, yet lightweight and scalable in-store analytics solution for retailers to dramatically enhance decision making, and inform on customer behaviour.

analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Walkbase Analytics aggregates data from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, and other in-store sensor technology into actionable insights. A customisable dashboard gives you a comprehensive summary of your stores and key APIs in one place.

Advanced E-mail Reporting

Customisable email reports let you package and deliver key metrics from the dashboard into a useful easily-accessible format. Flexible scheduling options let you specify report time frames and bench marking dates and the frequency of how often and when the email reports will be sent. Include third-party data such as POS and door counts in reports for a complete picture of your customers in-store behaviour. Generate Extremely fast report generation even with large quantities of data being processed live. A full HTTP API.

Prediction Services

By using intelligent machine learning, the prediction engine can analyse a large number of simultaneous traffic flows and other data points, in real-time and historically. Generating predictions or forecasts of e.g. the amount of visitors for the next 30 minutes or next months sales, depending on the amount of data at its disposal.

The service is intended to help customers detect and avoid issues related to overcrowding, long lines and other external factors that lead to low customer satisfaction and declining sales. By listening to a large amount of data sources it can detect deviations that would be very difficult, if not impossible to do manually.

Audience Intelligence

Enabling Personalization and Messaging with Location Intelligence

Audience Intelligence adds a CRM and marketing layer to Walkbase Analytics, enabling a deeper customer understanding and helping you communicate with your audience through a variety of channels.

Customers connect with Walkbase using a web portal sign-up on existing Wi-Fi access points or a mobile app with Walkbase’s SDK. Enabling you to leverage Wi-Fi as an extension of your loyalty program and for real-time marketing triggers.

Easy to use Dashboard

The dashboard allows for easy management and creation of personas, campaigns and channels. Create real-time marketing messages that are triggered based on the rules and requirements you have configured, across multiple channels and track the effectiveness.

Wi-Fi Portal

touchscreen kiosk

Ethniks can provide a full portal solution for your business, making it possible to build up your customer loyalty base and communicate with them through the tools provided in the dashboard. In addition it provides an added security layer for the operator, preventing unapproved online activities without first having agreed to the terms and services.

Walkbase SDK

The mobile SDK turns any mobile application into a location aware data collection point and a marketing channel. It also makes it possible to develop applications that react that interact with their location, via a message to the customer or an associate of the business they just entered.

touchscreen kiosk


Retailers are faced with new requirements to measure the number of customers in-store to remain compliant under COVID-19 restrictions on total occupancy. To achieve this, retailers need the tools to have real time and accurate understanding of the number of customers inside the store.

Walkbase IntelliCount allows retailers to measure the number of customers inside their store in real time. High accuracy, 3D sensors are installed at the store entrances and exits to ensure a precise occupancy number. Our solution delivers higher accuracy and data reliability and saves cost over time compared to manual door counting.

Solution Components

  • 3D footfall camera for accurate counting
  • Walkbase cloud analytics
  • Mobile friendly live view of store occupancy data

The Walkbase IntelliCount solution can be expanded to further engage and inform shoppers and store employees. Some possibilities include:

  • Customer and employee-facing digital signs displaying real-time wait updates, occupancy capacity and in-store safety procedures.
  • Reporting and dashboards on sensor-based insights including customer and employee behaviour and preferences.
  • Integrations with third party hardware and software such as automated entry/exit doors, queuing systems and existing operations dashboards.