Digital Signage For Healthcare

Digital signs and displays are a highly effective tool for disseminating information in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, clinics, dentist offices and pharmacies use digital boards to display various types of information from payment policies to protocols and even keep their patients entertained while they are waiting. Physicians, dentists, local and national pharmacy chains as well as private- and public-sector administrators involved in the decision making process should all consider what the types of digital signage that Ethniks offers can do to increase their bottom line.


Signage in hospital settings have virtually an unlimited number of uses. People often feel somewhat intimidated in finding their way around large healthcare institutions. Here digital displays can be set to greet visitors as they enter, acting as a wayfinding feature to help people navigate between departments, offices and guest comfort facilities such as cafeterias, gift shops and restrooms.

Displays at the entrance can help put people at ease by communicating the institution’s values so they can feel confident they are in a safe place and know they will have their needs taken care of.

Estimated waiting times, educational videos as well as news, weather and sports can be shown to keep visitors entertained and informed. This all cuts down on patient frustration and increases staff productivity by reducing the number of questions they have to answer. Showing staff social-media feeds and profiles will help to instill consumer confidence. Digital displays in staff lounges provide information on upcoming events, such as meetings and departmental alerts.

Efficiency is crucial in emergency room settings. Here digital displays can provide doctors and nurses with relevant information, critical care status and patient load figures. Digital-display software will save time by providing staff with quick access to digitalized forms and thereby help streamline check-in procedures.

Timely and efficient action for visitors and staff is critical in times of emergency, such as a natural disaster or facility-wide crisis. Digital displays can provide specific, real-time instructions on what course of action should be taken.

Promotional content highlighting newly added services, third-party advertising and information on fundraising functions can be displayed throughout the hospital or targeted to particular people in specific areas at designated times to help increase revenue.

Healthcare Clinics

Similar to employing signage in hospital settings, clinics can use digital displays to provide information to patients about the services and procedures they offer. Even though some services may be unique to specific departments in the clinic, all information is controlled from the same management system.

Clinics can also use electronic displays to keep patients entertained with animated videos supplying important information about proper hand-washing procedures, nutritional topics, sexual health issues or medical protocols. Clinics can also use electronic displays to post payment policies, show ticketing information and inform patients about which staff members are on duty.

Dentists Offices

dentist office

Digital signage in a dentist office can be used to highlight proper teeth-cleaning procedures and promote new products and services such as gum guards, toothbrushes and new dental-care techniques.
Digital displays can be effective tools for explaining payment policies, insurance procedures and copay responsibilities.


Drug stores can make use of electronic displays behind the counter to advertise products, highlight sales and announce special promotions. Digital displays are wonderful tools when used to entertain customers while they are waiting to have their prescriptions filled as this can have a dramatic effect in reducing perceived wait time.

dentist office

Ethniks can custom design solutions tailored to virtually any healthcare setting. Our team of skilled professionals will quickly have your system up and running and we have put a 24/7 nationwide support network in place so we can deal with any issues immediately, eliminating downtime. When considering electronic displays for your healthcare business, call us for a no-cost or obligation consultation to see exactly what digital signage can do for your business.