Jazzing up Java

For centuries we have practised the age-old tradition of sipping on a modest cup of java amongst friends, family, and colleagues. Today the popular ritual has become the pulse of life for many. The addictive beverage has evolved into the ultimate status symbol and fashion accessory, where the latest street style must-have includes a Skinny Café Latte Grande with steamed Almond Milk and a dusting of cinnamon sprinkles, served in a double-walled sustainable bamboo-fibre sippy cup… Your hottest fashion feature in modern society.

Today the coffee-drinking culture along with our active lifestyles, demands good coffee in an instant. Our daily priority involves grabbing a quick pick-me-up to start the day to boost our physical and mental performance, this is why we are seeing more and more QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurants) adopt new age digital signage solutions. Dynamic, flexible digital solutions that are gradually replacing outdated print-based media.

Digital menu boards (known as electronic displays) deliver bottomless signage solutions, shifting traditional restaurant retailing methods into a modern era. Ideal for cafés, baristas, eateries, delis, fast-food restaurants, or casual dining facilities, a blend of digital menu boards and captivating digital content will perk up your environment instantaneously.

Plunge into the robust world of Digital Signage Solutions and journey through the many benefits digital menu boards have to offer, taking your business from bean counter to richness of brand rejuvenation.

Over 80% of small businesses noticed a gain in sales after digital signage was installed.

Filter out archaic methods and implement distinguished, sophisticated digital menu boards.

  • Flexible, dynamic digital signage solutions tailor-made to suit your specific Quick Service Restaurant. Create that avant-garde, contemporary look with ultramodern digital signage displays and persuasive menu boards.
  • Draw the attention of passers-by with visually appealing digital signage and digital content – showcasing mouth-watering product images.
  • Schedule menu options at different times of the day with Day Parting. Switch between breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu selections.
  • Maximize staff communication and improve ordering efficiency.
  • Upsell by promoting special offers and current campaigns.
  • Provide and adjust menu pricing in real-time.
  • Update content in an instant, saving time and money.
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Generate brand consistency and brand loyalty.
  • Disseminate health and safety procedures, employee communication, information, and training.
  • Reduce perceived wait times.
  • Increase sales and ROI.

Whether it’s craft coffee or delectable cronuts, served from a funky food truck, café, or a canteen, modernize your menu with attractive digital signage solutions and boost the physical performance of your QSR. It’s never too latte to switch to digital signage.

Contact Ethniks to book a complementary strat session.

You bring the coffee, and we’ll deliver the hottest digital signage solutions and freshest digital content to your QSR… after all good ideas start with good coffee.

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