Touchscreen Kiosks

Retail store owners and CEOs of large international retail chains looking to improve their turnover rate or educate customers should consider an eye-catching touchscreen kiosk. These small stand-alone structures capture shoppers attention, can be used across multiple retail sectors for various purposes and drastically reduce costs when compared with static signage.

Interactive displays, commonly referred to as kiosks, are highly effective at generating interest, improving brand loyalty and promoting customer good will by supplying information consumers will find valuable. Information can include local emergency notifications, product recall notices or scores from important sporting events, such as for local teams and the Olympics.

Content on multiple displays can be remotely updated, from a single location, to showcase merchandise, sales and promotions, upsell items and trigger impulse purchases. Automatic updates can be prescheduled to display weekly ads, sales and “impromptu” promotions. Here are some of the many benefits, features and uses for interactive displays:


Highlight products with dynamic slideshows and high-definition videos, spotlight information on rewards and loyalty programs, customer-service information and company social media profiles.

Real Time Features

Interactive displays can provide access to real-time events, such as updating offers and retailer discounts. Displays can be set up as concierge and security services where help is available at the touch of a button. Retailers can communicate with customers live on social media platforms and instantly display photos and announcements.

Data Capture

touchscreen kiosk

Kiosks can be programmed to capture consumer information for marketing purposes. Displays can be set to register customers for reward programs, drawings and giveaways, new product notifications, flash sales and capture consumer feedback. This gives the retailer the opportunity to capture important consumer profile demographics and metadata information of both active and passive users to allow for targeted recommendations.


A touchscreen kiosk provides a more pleasant experience for fast-food diners. Orders can be placed and paid for at the display and the staff will deliver the food to their table.

touchscreen kiosk


Interactive displays can respond to customer’s questions and requests, helping them quickly find what they are looking for. Whereas static directories only show a map with a “You Are Here” icon, Ethniks digital directories can provide interactive wayfinding features. These can be customized to provide more information about specific shop locations and route options to make navigating through large shopping centers quick and easy. Users can search for specific stores and click on individual shops to get additional information. Dazzling retailer profile pages can be added to give shoppers additional incentives to visit the business.

Product Demos

Interactive displays are extremely valuable in promoting specific products, allowing consumers to virtually test drive products like wireless phones or automobiles. 

Contests and Competitions

Everyone loves a chance to win something and regular contests are one of the most surefire ways of creating brand excitement and loyalty. Giveaways from cell phones to cars allow retailers the opportunity to capture critical demographic information and create detailed customer profiles. 


Finding specific products in a supermarket can often times be a challenge, especially for new customers, and here interactive displays can assist in product location. Displays can be programmed as a “recipe center” to display images of mouth-watering dishes along with the list of needed ingredients and even permit customers to print out the recipe to take home.

Communication Shops

Interactive displays allow customers to browse services, the latest phones, service promotions and sign up for service.

auto dealership screens

Auto Dealerships

Interactive displays are the picture-perfect advertising for auto dealerships. Displaying new and featured models, special-equipment packages, demo vehicle sales and service specials all help increase conversion rates.


Interactive digital displays shine in casinos. Advertising games and tournaments, shows, dinner specials and VIP programs are all designed to boost casino traffic and sales.

Institutions of Higher Learning

Welcome messages, class registration, book store sales, upcoming guest lectures, athletic functions and other campus events and news are just some of the ways colleges, universities and trade schools use interactive digital displays.


Financial Institutions

Banks and credit unions use digital kiosks to welcome customers and provide banking information promoting new accounts, interest rates, mortgage programs and credit cards.

Hotel Chains

Interactive displays in high-traffic areas showcase amenities, provide information on hotel promotions and customer-service information. This can include bar, restaurant and pool hours and transportation information, such as flight and shuttle bus routes and times.


Large and small medical facilities use interactive digital displays to streamline check-in procedures, provide seasonal cold and flu information, as wayfinding maps and sell advertising to medical-related businesses.

Ethniks can custom design a digital retail touchscreen kiosk that will instantly capture your customer’s attention and increase your conversion rates and our nationwide support network is on hand 24/7 to eliminate downtime. Call us today for a no-cost or obligation consultation and demonstration to see what an interactive display can do to increase your bottom line. 

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