Nine Ways To Use Digital Signage

Retail businesses must quickly capture their customers attention or they risk losing sales to competitors. One of the best ways to seize the consumers attention is with the use of digital displays. Displays are designed to replace traditional print signs while offering a degree of consumer interaction that static signs can’t compare to or compete with.

Digital signage can replace any type of print sign, be placed almost anywhere and can even bring an entire wall to life. Whereas smaller displays can be strategically located to target specific customers or display important information for employees, a video wall presents a life-size display that will awe every passerby.

In addition to having the versatility of placement, digital screens can display any type of message including advertising sales, local news and weather or wishing staff and community members a happy birthday. While the ways to use digital screens are virtually limitless, here are nine effective ways to use digital signage in retail:

1) Welcome Messages

Shopkeepers can set a welcoming tone for their customers by using digital displays to interact with their customers on a more personal level. Messages can be branded with a business logo or slogan and sales and special promotions can be highlighted in a low-pressure way that will both entertain and inform shoppers.

2) Promote and Sell from Digital Kiosks

Adding a small merchandise selection and a shopping cart widget to a small electronic display turns a digital screen into an interactive kiosk that customers can buy from directly. These displays can also be set up to offer free merchandise or enter draws for prizes. Another use for these types of signs is allowing employees and customers to order branded apparel, such as caps, t-shirts and jackets, and turn both your sales staff and consumers into walking advertisements for the business.

3) Trade Show Booths

The purpose of trade shows is to engage customers and inform them about the products and services a business has to offer. However, most trade-show booths don’t really offer much in the way of curb appeal, with one looking basically the same as all the others. Adding just a small digital display will draw customer’s eyes to a stand that may otherwise go unnoticed. Digital signage will also keep customers interested enough to want to learn more about a product or service and thereby increase the chance of making a sale. In fact, digital displays are so effective at drawing in customers at trade shows businesses often times use multiple displays to prevent or shorten wait times for accessing the display.

4) Increase Employee Productivity

Business owners and managers are always looking for ways of increasing the productivity of their employees. A digital display placed in a lounge or break room provides a way for disseminating information to employees in a timely and efficient manner. Tips on how to be more productive, video training and notices of upcoming sales and company events can all be broadcast to employees when they will be the most receptive to the information. Tips that can increase employees productivity outside of work should not be overlooked as increased personal efficiency will typically carry over to the work place.

5) Broadcast Emergency Information

Workplace and local emergencies occur everyday and can happen in the blink of an eye. Digital displays provide businesses with the ability to keep employees and customers updated in real time during a crisis situation.

6) Frequently Asked Questions

As the saying goes, “Time is money.” Time that employees spend continually answering the same questions is time they could better spend performing other tasks. While taking care of the customers is always paramount for any business, having a digital display set up with a list of the answers to the most frequently asked questions will free up an immeasurable amount of time for employees. Businesses usually have a list of these types of questions on the company website so it is a simple matter of transferring the list to a display.

7) Corporate Communications

Communication is critical for companies to operate effectively, however, there are huge costs associated with equipping staff with technologies like mobile phones, two-way radios or printed material. Digital displays eliminate much of the need for these forms of tools by streamlining communication between corporate offices, management and staff. Internal recruitment, especially in large companies, can often be facilitated by displaying available job opportunities in high traffic areas using digital signage or kiosks.

8) Digital Menu Boards

Digitized menu boards permit instant updating of prices and promotional content. This reduces labour and printing costs as well as wait time. Information can be structured according to time, location or audience for customizing pricing and highlighting special offers suited to a particular consumer base.

9) Safety First

While this is the last item on the list, it is perhaps one of the most important uses for digital signs. Businesses should always have an eye towards safety and digital displays can broadcast safety messages and reminders in real time. Ethniks can custom design solutions tailored to virtually any industry setting. Our team of skilled professionals will quickly have your system up and running and we have put a 24/7 nationwide support network in place so we can deal with any issues immediately, eliminating downtime. When considering digital signage for your business, call us for a no-cost or obligation consultation to see exactly what digital signage can do for your business.

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