QMS (Queue Management Systems) Solutions


Digital signage solutions and advanced digital technology have simplified the modern world, improving our lifestyle by reducing unnecessary time wastage, changing the way we do things daily. Time consuming responsibilities that were previously standing in the way of success have now been fast-tracked to a more systematic way, giving us the time to do more productive things.

QMS (Queue Management System) is the result of digital progression. A unique CFM (Customer Flow Management) system that cleverly integrates with state-of-the-art digital signage, creating a systematic and effortless support for a faster, more structured way of queuing.

CyberQueueis an advanced QMS boasting sophisticated service intelligence software.

The flexible system is customizable and features vast software capabilities that will transform messy queues into efficient, orderly ones.

Therefore, deciding on the right QMS solution is necessary and will set your business in motion, advancing you to the front of the competitive queue. The various queuing styles will determine which best queuing solution suits your environment.

The results are instant, and the benefits endless.

  1. Improve brand loyalty
  2. Build superior business image
  3. Improve customer experience
  4. Reduce perceived wait times
  5. Encourage social distancing
  6. Reduce long standing lines
  7. Buffer overcrowding
  8. Improve working conditions
  9. Gain customer insight with real-time data analytics, dashboards & reporting

Linear Queuing:

Customers stand in a single line waiting to be served at one or more service points until “Next Customer” is called to an available service point. Linear queuing is only advisable where there are short waiting times and service duration.

Virtual Queueing:

Queuing process where a single printed ticket is issued to a customer for one or more selected services. The customer waits, seated, in a designated waiting area until the ticket number is called on a digital screen through synthesized audio.

Digital Queuing:

With virtual queuing a digital (not printed) ticket is issued to a smartphone or mobile device. The customer can then further browse in-store until the ticket is called via a SMS, WhatsApp, or mobile application, when they are ready to be served. This boosts additional sales.

Self-Service Queuing:

Waiting to operate an unmanned, interactive digital kiosk.

Typical example is at Self-Service Check-In at the airport or self-registration at university.

Ethniks Systems along with CyberQueue offer unique, tailor-made QMS solutions, expert advice and 24hour technical support.

Let us put you in line for improved business practices and streamlined operations. Contact us and book a free consultation to learn more.

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