Queue Management Systems

Queues improve customer flow wherever the number of customers exceeds the number of service people. Prime examples of businesses where queues are needed are banks and some government institutions, such as motor vehicle departments, tax offices and post offices. A queue management system, or QMS, is designed to streamline queuing to improve customer flow.

Typically, the effects of long queues are only taken into account in regards to customers. However, improving queue management benefits everyone from customers to C-level executives by increasing productivity and reducing stress. Ethniks CyberQueue system is a state-of-the-art electronic signage solution that provides virtual, or ticketed, and linear, or non-ticketed, queuing solutions. CyberQueue allows for multiple services using configurable service priorities to improve the customer service experience while optimizing resource allocation.

A QMS not only increases efficiency and reduces actual wait times, it also decreases perceived wait times. Here the latter is actually more important to reported customer satisfaction. Linear queue management reduces customer wait time by notifying the next customer in the queue immediately when the staff member finishes serving the current customer. Improved non-ticketed queuing lets customers know immediately when a banker is available. This boosts productivity while improving the atmosphere in the lobby, creating a less stressful environment by reducing the need for having to call out loud to the next customer when the next staff member becomes available.



While much of today’s banking needs can be handled online, managing on-premise customers is still a time consuming proposition for most financial institutions. While long queues can plague various business sectors, many banks are well behind the curve in regards to updating their queuing systems. Studies have shown that the average customer wait time for many banks is over 20 minutes and can be as long as 40 minutes. For most customers, these wait times are prohibitive. Banks that are willing to address this issue and update their queue management strategy show marked increases in customer satisfaction. In addition to normal banking transactions, updating queue management will also help improve the consumer experience when they need to conduct other banking business, such as loan or retirement account services.


Local Government Agency and Post Offices

An efficient queuing system is critical in reducing long waits at government office. Local, provincial and nationwide offices, like city halls, SARS Offices and Municipal departments, will all benefit from an updated queue management system. Research shows that government agencies can improve employee morale and efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduce the number of customers waiting for service. In fact, in these settings, wait times can be reduced by over 25 percent and customer satisfaction increased by over 50 percent!

Queue management electronic signage shines in fast paced-environments like post offices. Here customers needs can vary greatly. While some may only need express services, like mailing a letter with special handling or picking up a package, other customers may require more extensive services, such as dropping off bulk mail shipments or renting a P.O. box. A well-designed QMS will help to streamline the process by getting the right customer to the right clerk.

While queue-management is most often focused on banks, local government buildings and post offices, queues improve staff efficiency and customer satisfaction anywhere having to wait in line for service is a factor. 

Ethniks can custom design a queue management system tailored to your specific needs and our team will have a system set up and running in no time. To eliminate downtime, we have a nationwide support network available 24/7 should you every encounter a problem. If you are ready to streamline your customer flow, increase your staffs productivity and eliminate guesswork, call us today for a no-cost consultation.