Digital Signage For RETAIL

Competing in today’s fast-paced retail climate requires businesses to quickly capture and hold the consumer’s attention. Owners of supermarkets, clothing and sporting goods stores, specialty shops and CEOs of international chains must engage customers or risk losing sales to local competitors and online sellers.

Sometimes referred to as electric displays or boards, digital advertising screens can be used in place of the traditional static-print signs that most businesses are still using. Digital signage is much more effective in engaging customers and advertising promotions by presenting an eye-catching video or slide show on a high-definition screen.

A digital display can be placed virtually anywhere and can replace practically any type of traditional print advertising medium. This includes indoor and outdoor signs, interactive kiosks and posters. Smaller displays can be placed in a window or on the sidewalk in front of a shop and offer incredible flexibility over the message sent to consumers and be used to promote a wide array of products and services while targeting a broad spectrum of consumers.

We at Ethniks know digital displays are the wave of the future as digital signs displaying a series of pictures or a video are over 10 times more effective at grabbing and holding the consumer’s attention than a single still picture or block of text. A screen playing a video is one of the most impactful types of marketing, as almost everyone will stop to watch. Videos can be displayed on various size screens from a hand-held display to a wall-size display for maximum mind-blowing message exposure.


Digital display screens can be used to advertise promotions and provide information in a timely and effective manner. Electronic displays can be used indoors or outside to alert customers to daily or weekly specials, display store policies and communicate information to employees.

Clothing Stores

Digital signage can be used in the window of clothing shops to engage passersby by displaying the latest fashion trends and making customers aware of promotions.

Sporting Goods Stores

Electronic displays can be extremely effective at helping sporting goods retailers focus on promoting season-specific merchandise and alerting customers to off-season special on equipment and apparel clearance sales.

Specialty Shops

Stores that focus on one type of item, like cell phones, video games or beauty products, can effectively use digital signage to educate customers about new products and increase turnover by showcasing promotions.

International Retail Chains

CEOs of large international chains find electronic displays indispensable for quickly updating and communicating information to employees and visitors at corporate offices, showcasing the company’s mission and vision as well as attracting customers into retail locations.

Virtually all businesses are in a perpetual state of competition and getting the consumer to choose one business over another requires an advantage. At Ethniks we are at the forefront of technology in producing digital advertising screens and we are dedicated to bringing solutions to businesses that set companies apart from their competition. Call us for a no-obligation consultation to see what a digital display can do to improve your bottom line. We can custom design solutions for any type of business to help companies stand apart from their competition.