Retail Industry Gains Insight with Digital Signage Analytics

The sudden unexpected impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated lifestyle changes worldwide. The global crisis has suddenly reshaped trade and industry practices, particularly within the retail landscape with long lasting effects towards buying trends and consumer behaviour.

These challenges have highlighted the urgent need for the retail sector to rethink selling strategies and reinvent business models to sustain brand and customer loyalty.

Intelligent data-analytic solutions such as sensor technology, image analytics/facial recognition, machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence) and reporting tools coupled with advanced digital signage solutions, allows retailers to instantly capture and evaluate customer insights in real-time. Implementing these sophisticated software solutions provides accurate findings and valuable customer information needed to better understand what the customer wants and who are more likely to respond to campaigns with the added advantage of instantaneously adapting ineffective marketing methods and irrelevant messaging to successful, captivating digital content, brand awareness and improved selling strategies.

In a survey by McKinsey & Company, companies that used customer analytics extensively had 115% ROI (return on investment).

In addition, implement safety measures ensuring social distancing and better in-store experience by controlling store occupancy and seamlessly track visitor flow through density monitoring, measuring zone popularity and calculating in-store dwell times.

Redefine the value of retail technology and gain the competitive advantage.

  • Provide more relevant content and messaging
  • Optimize marketing campaigns
  • Optimize your digital display communication and digital content
  • Detect repeat customers
  • Improve your bottom line and increase sales
  • Boost campaigns, promote sales, upsell, and encourage impulse purchases
  • Maximise sales performance
  • Entertain your audience with targeted digital content and messaging
  • Customize, alter, and develop successful marketing communications
  • Gain knowledge about how shoppers are spending time and money.
  • Increase customer growth rate
  • Better manage inventory

Personalize in-store shopping, predict customer needs, and improve overall customer experience with the power of digital signage solutions and marketing analytics. Regain the trust your brand deserves.

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