Scala Systems

scala digital signage software

Electronic displays are used across every business sector to drive revenue. However, all digital displays are only as effective as the software operating the system. Because of the need for versatility, reliability and accessibility as well as value, we at Ethniks have chosen Scala software to run all of our digital displays.

The content-manager software is the brains of our digital display network and provides users the ability to manage display content on a single display or across thousands of screens. The Scala digital signage software platform consists of four integrated components: the Content Manager, the Designer, the Designer Cloud and the Scala Player. These four components create an extremely effective digital marketing program that is limited only by the user’s imagination.

scala digital signage software

Content Manager

The content manager guarantees total functionality. The manager provides the ability to scale the system as needed while providing for personalized content and the ability to customize communications with your audience.


The Scala Designer allows for creating brand-consistent content that is highly interactive and fully optimized for easy setup and deployment. The designer offers easy-to-use templates that can be customized to fit specific campaigns. The designer also supports a wide range of media formats from images to video. Additionally, RSS feeds and other third party content can be easily added.

Designer Cloud

The Designer Cloud is a web-based software platform that allows novice and intermediate users to quickly and easily create professional-looking content. Drag-and-drop functions work seamlessly with the Content Manager from most web based browsers.

Scala Player

The Scala Player software works with both Linux- and Windows-based system to deliver smooth, glitch free, high-definition content. The player maintains logs of all network events for quick and easy tracking and has the capability to make updates in real time, while on the air, without interruption.


Content can be reliably created and deployed within the operating environment with rock-solid stability and performance, 24/7. Scala delivers smooth video playback without the instability issues often found in some systems and worldwide support allows for instant troubleshooting.

User Friendly

Scala digital signage software can be set up for automated function and can handle a large and complicated network of players. Whether it is for a single display or a 1,000-screen system, Scala makes content creation, playlist building, scheduling and deployment both intuitive and effortless.


Customize content can be created from scratch or with predesigned templates. The software allows for creating specific playlists using metadata to customize the message and better connect with the audience. The display can be divided, or partitioned, and set up like a dashboard. This allows for the display of multiple types of information on a single screen, such as broadcasting wayfinding information and local news simultaneously.


Flexible and scalable, Scala software allows for customizing all characteristics of the display no matter the scope of the project. A wide range of features are designed to produce hard-hitting communication by integrating various information systems to scale a project as needed. This allows for the client to take complete control of their own content or have Ethniks handle the job of running the display system.

Scala is a worldwide industry leading and award winning digital signage software company that has a long standing reputation of bringing value to the electronic display industry. No matter your industry sector, our team at Ethniks will custom program a software solution tailored to your specific needs. We have a nationwide 24/7 support network in place to immediately handle any issues and eliminate downtime. Call us today for a no-cost or obligation consultation to see how we can help increase your revenue.