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Step ahead of your competitors with the sophisticated, powerful cloud-based digital signage platform SIGNAGELIVE

Globally ranked as one of the top five suppliers of digital signage software and smart sign displays, SignageLive boasts over 2 000 customers across 46 countries around the world covering all industries from Retail, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Automobile, Transport, Quick Service Restaurants, and Internal Corporate Communications.

So, what is SignageLive?

There are two main alternatives when it comes to digital signage hardware.

  1. System-on-Chip (SOC)
  2. Media Players

SignageLive is a System-on-Chip (SOC) digital signage platform that was developed in close partnership with LG’s WebOS and Samsung’s Tizen platform. The built-in SOC eliminates the need for an external player, along with the necessary external hardware that goes with it, making the SOC solution more affordable. Set-up and operational costs are reduced and while you only require the display screen, brackets, cables, media player, installation and maintenance costs fall away resulting in a more cost-effective, convenient solution. Software updates are seamless and managed by the digital signage provider and replacing obsolete hardware is a thing of the past.

The alternative is running an external media player to showcase your content, and this is where SignageLive comes in strong as well with its various approved media player partners. An on-premise solution that runs off a server, whether on-site or hosted at a dedicated IT provider. The solution offers a broader range of capabilities compared to that of SOC. Although the initial, upfront costs of running a media player is substantially higher than SOC, it does provide more processing power which means a higher capability of running more complex digital signage solutions. The ongoing maintenance, labour and support costs are higher as well due to all the various components, but SOC screens are becoming better each version and will eventually phase out media players completely.

SignageLive is a feature-rich digital signage solution offering simple yet comprehensive digital signage services with unmatched technical support. Host and store content remotely by replacing old, costly digital systems with a more affordable, flexible, and manageable one.

SignageLive offers a multitude of innovative built-in features. Features that bring the design, implementation, and management of your digital signage project to life, efficiently and seamlessly displaying relevant, fresh, and captivating content.

Boost your digital signage presence with SignageLive’s user-friendly features.

A few of the many features on offer: –

MediaSignageLive supports a variety of media from images, video, RSS Feeds, Web pages and IPTV.
Publishing & SchedulingPublish/broadcast content via a playlist and deliver to an unlimited number of players. Schedule content to display by date, timeframe and/or a recurring basis.
Managing PlayersControl how your players interact. Turn players on/off, send screenshots, reboot your player, or preview content remotely or on-site.
MarketplaceAn unlimited FREE downloadable content library to choose from – with stock images, videos, news, events, calendar Integration, Weather.
MonitoringAssign administrators to check the status and functionality of the players.
ReportingView and export reports based on activity of your players.
SupportFree with every SignageLive license for unlimited number of users.
TrainingIn-depth, invaluable training offered with every license purchased.
Synch GroupsSimultaneously synchronize multiple playlists across multiple players – mostly relevant to videowall setups.
InteractiveSet up triggers which allow you to disrupt scheduled content i.e.: emergency messaging or notifications.
Proactive MonitoringAnalyse the impact and effectiveness of your digital signage – get notifications about your network sent to you via text or email.

SignageLive’s easy-to-use dashboard allows even the not-so-tech-savvy user to effortlessly navigate. With immediate software updates managed by the cloud and simple set-up and implementation, it is no surprise that SOC is rapidly replacing on-premise platforms.

“8/10 customers have entered a store because of a digital sign catching their interest.” (Screen Cloud)

Wow your audience, improve your digital presence, and apply SignageLive – an impressive, intelligent, multi-platform solution bringing simplicity to the design, performance, and realization of your digital signage demands.

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