The rapid development of cutting-edge digital technology, and ever-changing global digital trends has revolutionised and reshaped hospitality and hotel entertainment to a new dimension.

We are constantly learning and advancing and as a result, accessibility to on-demand information has become fundamental in everyday life.

Humans are visual creatures and with the brain being able to identify and categorize images seen for as briefly as 13 milliseconds, there is no questioning why you should make use of dynamic, persuasive, digital signage and creative, captivating content to win your audience over.

By using the comprehensive, powerful, and elegant Exterity IPTV Solution in partnership with the experts in digital signage, Ethniks Systems you cut through the insignificant, out-dated media distractions and create an immersive, impactful digital experience.

Exterity is the future-proof, budget-friendly digital signage and IPTV all-in-one digital platform that meets the eager demands of today’s information-driven society. The impressive solution delivers a range of multi-media content (video, audio, graphics, data, or text) safely and securely via the internet or IP and wireless networks, allowing the end-user to watch what they want, when they want… anytime, anywhere without compromising its performance.

Nearly 75% of guests use in-room entertainment.

Create relevant, targeted content and be in full control of the messaging you wish to display and communicate within your hotel, B&B, or guest lodge. Inform and impress hotel guests with personalized in-room greetings. Enhance their experience with access to in-room hotel entertainment from music, online gaming and apps, videos, or social networks.  Provide live information such as news, weather, or hotel events, all in real-time.

Showcase hotel attractions and amenities or manage and book conference centres and meeting rooms. Promote special offers and product announcements and display Room Service menus at the touch of a button.

This is next generation hospitality.

But as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, so why stop there.

Ethniks Systems, a turnkey digital signage provider in its long-standing partnership with Samsung offers an additional hospitality CMS (Content Management Solution). Samsung with its commercial-grade displays offers Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 whichenhances guest experience by delivering channels, convenient communication options and efficient guestroom management whether implemented as lobby signage, food, and beverage menus and/or in-room entertainment.

Ethniks Systems and LG have also joined forces to bring you a third alternative to hotel TV solutions, in the form of their innovative Smart Displays. Each solution offering the highest standard in audio and visual displays and customized content management.

The options are endless and with the confidence, reliability and support of industry champions, Ethniks Systems, you are guaranteed the ultimate guest viewing experience.

Educate, inform, and entertain your audience and upgrade and prioritize your hospitality signage today.

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