Digital Signage For Transport

Electronic displays are a dynamic way for transportation companies to improve their customers travel experience while driving business revenue. Ethniks digital signage is a highly effective way for airports, bus terminals and train stations to display departure and arrival times, travel promotions and highlight baggage claim locations. Profits are increased by selling advertising spots for products and services such as taxi companies, rental car services, restaurants and shops. Electronic displays can also provide check-in and security screening instructions, the latest news, worldwide weather reports, information for business travelers, like currency-exchange and Forex rates. Proprietary Scala software allows for on-the-fly updates to ever-changing information, such as arrival and departure times and delays.

Real-Time Updates

Because of the dynamic nature of travel, it is imperative for passengers to have the most current information to stay abreast of schedule changes. Digital display airport screens can show immediate real-time updates and transportation feeds can be integrated to automate the process.

Arrival and Departure Schedules

Electronic display can provided all daily arrival and departure information on a single screen, eliminating the need for customers to have to reconcile multiple boards. Schedules can be programmed to update automatically for various services on different days of the week or weekends.

Waiting Areas

Due to delays or cancellations, travelers often have to wait for hours before departing. Adding digital signage to transportation waiting areas helps keep passengers occupied with a combination of travel information and entertainment, such as live news, weather, sports and social-media feeds. These all help to reduce perceived wait times while increasing brand awareness. Waiting passengers are a captive audience and therefore receptive to advertisements for on-premise or nearby businesses.


Digital displays can help passengers navigate around larger stations and terminals. Wayfinding stations help promote a sophisticated atmosphere for the terminal and inspire consumer confidence. Wayfinding can also be used to display points of interest, local events and tourist activities.

Brand Loyalty and Advertising Revenue

Displays can be used to upsell services, boost brand awareness and promote loyalty rewards programs. Advertising spots can be sold to local businesses, such as shops, restaurants and lodging, and to promote exclusive travel specials.


With Scala the display can be partitioned like a “dashboard” to show different types of information in various playlists on a single screen. For example, airport screens can be set up with wayfinding, news and currency-exchange information that are all displayed in sections of the same screen. However, the flexibility is still maintained to takeover all or part of the screen for important announcements or emergency alerts.

Whether an airport, train station or bus terminal, our team at Ethniks can custom design a solution for any centralized transportation hub. Our experienced team can create a digital display with eye catching, high definition content to meet all of yours and your customer’s needs. We have a 24/7 nationwide support network in place to handle any issue that may arise to eliminate possible downtime. If you are ready to see what Ethniks can do for you, call us today for a no-cost or obligation consultation.