Video Conferencing

Businesses across the globe are realizing the added benefits of VIDEO CONFERENCING.

The “nice-to-have” has become a popular yet essential tool in modern-day communication. The ability to conduct productive meetings, virtually whether with valued staff or with that very important potential client is effortless and uncomplicated.

The devastating effects of Covid-19 has created dramatic shift in human behaviour and the world has had to adapt… and fast. Traditional face-to-face discussions around the boardroom table have transpired into that quick “Teams” call or “Zoom” meeting held from the comfort of our living room.

But all is not lost.

Humans are resilient, innovative, and adaptable and fostering new communication methods is vital for our survival, as well as the survival and longevity of businesses. Building strong customer relationships, engaging effectively, and optimizing productivity continues almost as though its “business-as-usual” with the advancement of video conferencing. Employing a seamless, efficient, and powerful communication tool is more critical than ever before.

Humans are connected by technology and in this digital world access to technology has never been easier. Video conferencing brings high-tech in-person experience to your virtual meetings resulting in saved time, reduced operating costs, improved employee and customer engagement, travel costs are minimized and an overall increase in productivity can be seen.

It was recorded that people spent 20% more time using video conferencing apps in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year.

No matter the industry type, culture, size, or trade, video conferencing is a must-have in today’s environment. The ease of collaborating work teams, or remotely managing departments or the convenience of conducting major business dealings with clients near and far, video conferencing has become significant in business and an integral communication tool and it’s here to stay.

Clients, customers, and employees are involved, and stimulated by the use of video conferencing. Meetings are far more structured.

And with HD video streaming, crisp, clear audio and ample visual presentation options, investing in video conferencing technology will transform your business interactions from drab to fab in the blink of an eye.  

Keep Your Audience’s Attention with Video Conferencing

Audio conferencing demands additional effort in keeping your audience engaged and involved. Humans are visual beings, video conferencing draws your audience in, stimulates and engrosses them, proving a far more successful platform than audio conferencing.

By using video conferencing, you can connect more meaningfully with other team members. The ability to see each other and interact through body language increases engagement, which translates to bettering interest and interaction.

Collaboration flows better when members establish visual contact. Video conferencing aids the processing of visual information far quicker and more accurately than text or audio. Since the participants in a video conferencing meeting are visible to everyone else, they are naturally required to be present and attentive, meaning your attendees will retain more information and comprehend it more effectively than they would if you held the meeting via audio.

Video Conferencing Saves Time and Money

Ditch the travel expenses and the time wasted by communing. Travel costs are reduced considerably. In-person meetings with suppliers, clients and other branches take up valuable hours of your day. An hour-long meeting can quickly eat up an entire morning when accounting for travel time, making it frustrating, inefficient, and costly. Teams are becoming increasingly geographically separated for several reasons. Freelancers and permanent staff may be working from home or contractors working abroad, some are simply on the road for business purposes which means, without video conferencing, your travel costs and lost time will quickly add up.

Not only is travel time consuming, but it is also costly. People often travel great distances for training, conferences, and business meetings, and in most cases, these in-person communications can be accomplished just as effectively (if not more so) via video conferencing. Save the money you would spend on unnecessary travel and reinvest it into your other business priorities instead.

Video Conferencing Improves Productivity

A business is all about seeing results. Increased productivity is what matters and keeps the business alive. An enterprise will see immediate, positive results in productivity from the use of video conferencing, employees maintain relationships regardless of location and can collaborate quicker in finding solutions.

The accessibility and convenience of video conferencing boosts employee commitment working that extra little bit longer, as travel time is lessened. Sending emails into cyber space and anxiously waiting for a response converts into a quick virtual conversation getting the feedback sooner. Maintain a sense of connection with a clear understanding of expectations and deadlines, consequently resulting in an increase in productivity and improvement in your bottom line.

Leading-edge businesses recognize the need for video conferencing and how it is a fundamental tool for the lucrative success of the company.

  • Step ahead of your competitors
  • Improve product and service delivery
  • Avoid high staff turnover
  • Sustain corporate engagement
  • Strengthen partnerships, relationships, and business connections
  • Better productivity
  • Boost morale and reinforcing employee confidence

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