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2020: A year of challenge and change. A year that has reshaped our lives, what was daily routine and familiar has been turned on its head. Yet, we have evolved, come out stronger, more resilient, and more resourceful.

We live in a VIRTUAL WORLD now. Virtual marathons, virtual yoga classes, virtual learning and virtual meetings and we have acclimatized as though it was second nature. What has remained constant and allowed us to stay connected is digital technology. Through diverse digital platforms we can continue communicating uninterrupted.

Video Conferencing is one of those failsafe tools that we now all depend on. An advanced, cost-effective communication solution available at a touch of a button. Offering an engaging experience and seamless connectivity, video conferencing makes communicating and collaborating uncomplicated and with progressive technology improvements and invention, digital solutions have become accessible, and necessary to the man on the street.

Captains in the industry, we at Ethniks Systems offer tailor-made video conferencing solutions, incorporating some of the best audio and visual equipment.  By implementing high-tech devices (such as 360˚ high-definition cameras, dynamic digital displays, webcams, software, and hardware) that create an all-encompassing, captivating experience for you and your audience.

Video conferencing is no longer an optional extra. With the increase of people working remotely, it has now become an essential tool in the modern workplace. Video conferencing equipment helps to deliver a quick, interactive meeting experience while reducing travel costs to deliver a strong return on investment. Ethniks video conferencing equipment make use of high-definition cameras, displays and peripherals to make integrating conferencing with clients and staff alike a seamless experience.

There is an ever-increasing number of terminologies and buzz words used within the video conferencing industry, making what is available and compatible somewhat complicated. Let’s demystify some of these phrases.

First up is “soft codec”. Soft codecs are software-controlled encoders and decoders for digital data streams used to send and receive video conferencing information. (Examples of these would be Zoom or Microsoft Teams). Without proper integration and automation, you may find incompatibility between software, and hardware devices. All soft codec systems require an internet connection of sorts.

A hard codec is a piece of hardware specifically designed for video conferencing. With these devices, the user provides raw audio and video. The feed is then compressed, transmitted and decompressed in real time.

Hard codecs have the advantage of running on dedicated devices. That means they are less susceptible to bandwidth bottlenecks. They are also less likely to be bogged down by background computing processes or unexpected software updates and can offer better quality transmissions.

Unfortunately, hard codecs tend to be more expensive and historically offered less flexibility than their software counterparts. In the past, manufacturer A’s system could only call another one of manufacturer A’s system. Many technologies now overcome this limitation and provide the ability to dial ‘outsiders’ seamlessly.

Ever advancing technology is making digital video conferencing much more accessible. That being said, there are still minimum equipment requirements needed when setting up a flawless meeting room. On the audio side these types of peripherals range from microphones to good quality speakers. These make it possible to host meetings with multiple participants in one room with everyone in the video conference being able to hear, and be heard, clearly.

With regards to the video aspect, there are a huge variety of viewing screen options available. These include projection screens, flat screen display monitors, or even large slimline, touch screen panels. One of the most important things in setting up an effective meeting room is to ensure there is a viewing screen that is visible to all participants in the room.

A large part of our communication is non-verbal. Without seeing these social cues, miscommunication can easily occur. Ethniks’ video conferencing equipment removes this obstacle by bringing your team together virtually. Allowing them to communicate “face-to-face”, ensuring clear communication and collaboration no matter where they are in the world.

Setting up a meeting room, in either a public conference area or in a corporate conference room, requires this type of video conferencing equipment to ensure each meeting is a successful one.

So, whether you need speakers, microphones, speakerphones, cameras, or compact all-in-one peripherals such as soundbars, Ethniks will have the perfect solution to fit your needs.

For small to medium conferencing rooms or huddle rooms that are designed to enable people to meet quickly and easily, Ethniks offer complete, neatly packaged video conferencing setups. These are aimed at those that need all-in-one video conferencing solutions or those that need to connect to multiple VaaS platforms over USB. What is VaaS exactly? This another term we can help to demystify. VaaS stands for “Video as a Service” and is essentially cloud based video conferencing. VaaS brings those who work remotely together using real time audio and video. It’s done using cloud-based servers that store and manage the data. An example of these would be Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Designed with groups of 6 – 10 in mind, this nifty low-cost video conferencing equipment is supported by seamless network integration, ensuring that your team can operate at maximum efficiency, without any interruptions.

As previously mentioned, remote work is now a viable option for employees around the globe. Ethniks personal video conferencing devices make it possible for remote workers to connect, collaborate and share, by connecting via their own devices. Our personal video conferencing packages make use of video bars, personal display devices, webcams, and microphones. Your video conferencing system can be broadcast from your personal device while still pulling off the feel of a professional conference. These types of video conferencing equipment ultimately save you time and money. You can now give an exceptional conferencing experience to colleagues and clients without ever leaving your home.

For those who are looking to improve their home, or “on-the-road” set up Ethniks offers a fantastic range of compact pre-configured systems and cameras. These packages have everything you need to stay connected. Simple to set up and easy to use, these out-of-the-box video conferencing equipment solutions make remote communication effortless. Get connected instantly with high-definition video and your preferred soft codec already installed onto your device. For personal or smaller teams these pre-configured systems are a simple and effective way to get all your video conferencing needs wrapped up into one tidy, on-the-go bundle.

Choosing the right video conference equipment for your needs can be a daunting task. There are all sorts of different solutions that all serve different purposes. Will you be conferencing with people one-on-one? Do you plan on including your entire boardroom in the meeting? Will you be primarily communicating with clients? Or do you need equipment for smaller internal teams? The video conferencing equipment needed for an entire room is different from the simple “webcam mounted on a monitor” solution. Before making this all-important investment, it is wise to map out your needs ahead of time and determine exactly what you want to accomplish through video conferencing equipment. At the end of the day this type of equipment will elevate your communication, improve productivity, help you keep track of remote work, while saving you time and money. Which means you need the right gear for the right job.

Ethniks offers video conferencing equipment solutions to suit any need you may have. Whether it’s for the boardroom, huddle rooms, unified remote communication, or simple personal home solutions, we can offer the right solution for YOU. Get in touch and let us help you take your video conferencing to the next level. Call us on +27 709 0600 or email us on and start your video conferencing journey today.

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